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Pleasanton Alimony Lawyers

Spousal Support (Alimony)

There is a common misconception that spousal support is determined by a computer program and is limited to one-half the length of the marriage. In reality, California courts have great latitude in determining, on a case by case basis, the proper level of spousal support. 

To ensure that the court sets support at its proper and fair level, the divorce attorney must present to the court a clear and cohesive analysis of all relevant statutory factors, which usually includes a  presentation of the parties' marital standard of living, employment histories, needs of each party, the ability of one party to pay and the ability of another party to be self-supporting.

At Staley Jobson, we and our professional consultants work to ensure that spousal support is fairly negotiated or, if that is not possible, presented to the court at trial.

The experienced family law attorneys at Staley  Jobson can assist you with your spousal support matter and will make every effort to get you the best outcome possible under your circumstances.

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