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There are many books that can be a useful and informative companion to those experiencing family law-related issues. Here are some suggestions. Click the cover of each book to read excerpts on


Surviving the Breakup: How Children And Parents Cope With Divorce

Judith S. Wallerstein and Joan Berlin Kelly,


What About the Kids: Raising Your Children Before, During and After Divorce

Judith S. Wallerstein

good divorce

The Good Divorce

Constance Ahrons, Ph.D

moms house

Mom's House, Dad's House, A Complete Guide for Parents Who are Separated, Divorced, or Living Apart

Isolina Ricci

olloars and Sense

The Dollars and Sense of Divorce

Judith Briles, Ph.D.

Divorce and money

Divorce & Money: How to Make the Best Financial Decisions During Divorce

Violet Woodhouse with Dale Fetherline

Good parenting

Good Parenting Through Your Divorce: The Essential Guidebook to Helping Children Adjust and Thrive

Mary Ellen Hannibal

For Better or for worse

For Better or For Worse: Divorce Reconsidered

E. Mavis Hetherington, John Kelly

Wednesday Evenings

Wednesday Evenings and Every Other Weekend

. Daniel McClure, Ph.D. and Jerry B. Saffer, Ph.D.

A Guide to Divorce

A Guide to Divorce Mediation

Gary J. Friedman, J.D.

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