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Prenuptial Agreements Lawyer

Prenuptial Agreements

It is not unusual for couples planning to marry to enter into premarital agreements. By entering into a premarital agreement, the parties can define their own financial relationship, rather than relying on the "default" laws of the state.

Often people who marry in midlife and who have previously been married and divorced wish to preserve their premarital assets for their children or other heirs.

In other cases, people discuss financial issues and reach agreements prior to marriage to avoid disagreements on those subjects during marriage and, should the marriage end in divorce, to reduce the conflict incident to divorce.

Whatever the purpose of the agreement, Staley Jobson can provide the knowledge, skill and experience to assist our clients in crafting premarital agreements that meet their needs.

The experienced family law attorneys at Staley  Jobson can advise and assist you with your prenutptial agreement to ensure that your rights are protected.

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