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Pleasanton Family Law Mediation

Family Law Mediation

Divorce mediation is a method by which both parties in a divorce meet with a third party trained in mediation practices, who will assist the parties in resolving the issues concerning their divorce.  A mediator helps the parties  arrive at a mutually acceptable settlement which is then put into writing in the form of a Marital Settlement Agreement, and  incorporated into a Judgment of Dissolution, finalizing the divorce.

Unlike an arbitrator, a mediator has no decision-making powers, and he/she cannot compel the parties to accept terms of a settlement other than what they agree to.  The role of a mediator is purely that of a facilitator.  Mediation does not involve a judge.  The parties have more control over how their issues are settled, providing them with the opportunity to work towards reaching an agreement without court proceedings (and the time and expense thereof).

Divorce mediation is a favorable option for many reasons. Divorce mediation may be much more cost effective than litigation. By reaching an agreement early, the parties can save a substantial amount of money.  Legal fees and costs can add up quickly if a divorce case ends up in court.  While divorce cases that end up in court may take many months and in some cases, years to resolve, divorce cases that can be settled through mediation can be settled in much less time than many litigated cases require. 

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