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Pleasanton Child Support Attorney

Child Support

Under California law, both parents have an obligation to contribute to the support of their children. This obligation continues until:

(1) the child's death;
(2) the child's emancipation; or
(3) the child's 18th birthday (or his/her 19th birthday if the child has not yet graduated from high school and is attending school full time).

Unlike some other states, in California, a parent has no legal obligation to contribute to his or her child's support during college years.

Calculating child support is more than just plugging numbers into a computer. A detailed analysis of each individual's income and potential income sources is usually necessary and prudent.

Staley Jobson will negotiate child support orders for both paying parents and recipient parents. The goal of child support negotiations is to calculate a fair and reasonable figure that comports with statutory requirements. When parents are unable to agree on a support figure, it becomes necessary to litigate the matter.

Occasionally, a parent is not working to his or her ability, or a parent is believed to be hiding income. In those cases, Staley Jobson works with consultants, including vocational evaluators and forensic accountants, so that a fair and just child support order is made.

The experienced family law attorneys at Staley  Jobson can assist you with your child support matter and will make every effort to get you the best outcome possible under your circumstances.

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