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Child Custody

In most cases, parents will share "legal custody" of their children. Joint legal custody means that the parents jointly make all major child-related decisions (those issues pertaining to the health, safety, welfare and education of the children). "Physical custody" varies from case to case and ranges from "sole" physical custody, i.e. a child resides with one parent only, to "joint" custody, with the child having frequent and continuing contact with both parents. In the majority of cases, parents share physical custody in some fashion.

Creating a shared custody schedule that both parents find acceptable is often the most challenging aspect of child custody disputes. In the event the parties are unable to reach a custody agreement, the parties are required by state law to mediate their disputes with county funded "Family Dispute Resolution Services" (FDRS).

In more complex cases, the parties may choose, or FDRS may recommend, that the parties participate in a custodial evaluation. Custodial evaluations are performed by highly specialized, licensed psychologists who create a detailed report on a family's history and dynamic.  

Once a report is completed, the custody evaluator will make a recommendation to the court regarding his or her opinion about an appropriate child sharing arrangement for the specific family.  Following receipt of the report, if a party disputes the evaluator's recommendations a custody trial may ensue.

The experienced family law attorneys at Staley  Jobson can assist you with your child custody matter and will make every effort to get you the outcome that you as a caring parent deserve.

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